Solutions built by teachers and admins:

No more paperwork

Admins can also manage and track detention minutes, student contracts, suspensions, notify parents and keep all teachers informed. No more clipboards. No more clunky spreadsheets or desktop software everyone hates.

Real time data

Keeping track of student data and discipline trends is easy. Teachers, admins, parents and students can monitor school behavior stats and make better decisions that ultimately impact learning.

Let's stay positive!

With Yooply, students can send each other positive messages, earn points and rewards and monitor their own goals and behaviors.


Schools can tailor Yooply to fit their discipline plans. They can build their own tracking forms, reports and dashboards, or tweak our own. Put those forms in everyone's pocket, so they have access to read/write important school data on the fly.


Keep track of interventions, from verbal redirections to buddy teacher referral. Why? Because teachers, counselors and admins should have the option to track minor infractions to analyze patterns of behaviors before they become more serious.

Built for Mobile

Yooply is made to fit in your hand, but we run on any desktop or laptop as well. We designed Yooply to make sure your thumb and your eyes don't spend too long on our app, so you can get back to teaching.

What else can Yooply do?


Notifications between all-stakeholders is central to Yooply. Loop everyone in around the issues that matter to you and your school community with SMS, Email, and in-app notifications.


Student reflections are built into Yooply and are tied to the referral process. Administrators can review teacher notes and student reflections before talking to the student in order to conduct briefer, more informed decisions and conferences.


Set student goals for the behaviors you track. Monitor and inform those who need to know when a student has been assigned a minimum or maximum number of detentions, or has earned a ceratin number of awards, or whatever motivation may fit.

Discipline shouldn't eat up the school day

Are you ready to put your school's discipline plan in everyone's hand? Or just want to say hi?